We can utilise burp suite to take a peak at how the wesbite looks and how it is basically.

One other thing that is very important to do on a real website is to look at the source code and see comments or any infomration disclosure.Maybe any users,passwords or something like that.

So with Burp Suite first turn on your proxy and stuff configrue that al up and then go to the website Put intercept on in the proxy tab and then right click and send it to repeater here in the repeater tab we can modify reuqests we send and we can see what responses we get etc. Like shown below.



Another thing we can do is go to the target tab and go to scope and add the website we are targeting over there.And this limits the requests and response to only the items in scope so nothing else is disturbed .

Here in the response below we can see that the response might give us some critical and good information in the repsonse headers so also see that .Like shown below