So in this with the Nmap scan we first get scans up and running and then we find out that there is only one port open which is 80 so here again its under construction page which is using IIS 6.0 which is super old and outdated so that information means that there are probably very critical exploits for this and yes as we expected there are.

So we use this to gain access to a unknown user shell which fro some reason we can not o anything on but then we can use ps and see what all tasks are running and maybe hop on to one of those tasks by using migrate and the port number .

and we did just that and then we got access to the system nt/authority network so its not root but now its very easy for us to exploit this machine because all we have to do is just go put our meterpreter shell in the background and then search for suggester which will suggest us some exploits to use for these machines and after we do that we can basically just keep using one of those and see if they work or not.

And in our case the exploit by kitropod worked and we could easily gain root access on both machines.