1. Windows Server 2019 (1)
  2. Windows 10 Enterprise (2)
  3. 60Gb Disk Space
  4. 16 gb ram

and Download Windows machine and a windows 2019 server from the Microsoft evaluation https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/ will give you ISO files.

So then lets set them up first in our Vmware enviornment for setting up the 2 windows machine we basically first connect them by showing them the path to the ISO and then just change the Windows Education Section to Windows Enterprise and then continue the installation basically then we uncheck the box with the Power on the virtual machine after installation and then we edit VM configurations and then remove the Flopy disks and then we start the machine and continue the installaton and then we do a custm afavanced install and in the Hardrive section we click new and select the last drive btw when it says to attach your microsoft account click join domain instead.there and then we continue the installation and then install VMWare tools to make the machine full screen and then we can change the machines name .

To set up the Domain Controller we first install the same way we did the Server.

Now to set up users,groups and Policies we go to our server machine and then when we login and come up to server manager dahsboard lets click the Tools Section there and select Acive Directory Users and Computers and then a window should pop up and you have click on the DomainControllername.local file and it will show us a few diffrent Ous and then lets just right click on the .local file thing and go to new and make a new Organization Unit and then lets move the Users in Users leaving Administrator and Guest to our new folder (Group we just made)

[If you see a down symbol on a account it means it has been disabled]

And now lets make our new user by right clicking inside the User folder and going to new and selecting user it will do a pop up for us


We fill it up with names and basically a certain way how we are going to write Userl Logon names here by a naming convention of sorts and then in the next page put a password the name you choose for the machine before and set the option Password never expires.

Password! → Bruce Wayne

and now lets copy the Administrator


Password2019!# → Billy Batson

Password2! → Clark Kent